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RC Planning Effort

The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) is working to develop a plan for the growth in Royse City.
We are looking for ideas to describe Royse City in 2015 and beginning to develop the vision, strategic focus areas
and principles that will guide growth and development through 2040.

A successful plan will:
1. Educate, excite and engage the full community.
2. Identify critical decisions, opportunities and constraints.
3. Establish a single vision and core principles to guide future decisions throughout the city.
4. Align expectations with citizen’s ability and willingness to pay for desired outcomes.
5. Define specific action items for near, mid and long-term required to implement the plan.

YOUR INPUT MATTERS! Please help by participating in this brief survey and sharing your thoughts with us.
Thank you,
Julia Bryant, CPAC Committee Member

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