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Teacher of the Year 2015-2016

Teacher of the Year 2015-2016

Sherri Duggan – Harry H Herndon Teacher of the Year 2015-16

Sherri Duggan is a tireless volunteer for her campus and students.  A 17-year veteran, Duggan is full of energy and is constantly looking for new ideas to make learning relevant to her students.

Sherri believes, To truly teach requires a teacher to also become a learner, studying her students and finding out what makes each one unique. True learning is trust and acceptance. I don’t have a secret for successful teaching, because there is no secret.  Love, genuine acceptance, and passion for teaching is a winning combination that never fails!

Todays educators must go beyond the basics in order to meet the demands of society. Our students must be able to critically decide what is important, be able to connect, rearrange, and create.  We must go beyond the 3 R’s and teach our students to apply their knowledge to ever changing and challenging scenarios.