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Wal-Mart Planning Grand Opening!

Wal-Mart Planning Grand Opening!

Julia Bryant with the Royse City Chamber of Commerce, Larry Lott and Tonya Brown with the Royse City CDC and Mayor Janet Nichol met with Walmart Market Manager Mike Hart, Royse City Store Manager Christie Cox and the Director of Human Resources to hear about some of the features our new store will offer.

The Royse City location is considered one of a handful of the flagship stores in the Walmart  reinvention. Some of the special amenities it will feature are:

Grocery order and pickup service

Staffed clinic with exam rooms

3-D Me! full body scanner which allows user to make figurines, bobbleheads, etc.

Traditional belted registers and self-check registers plus 7 new Hybrid registers which can switch from manned to self-check when needed.

Pharmacy and Vision Center

Enhanced entertainment department that offers more electronics

Separate Garden Center

Grand Opening is scheduled for November 11 at which time our local store will present a sizeable donation to one of our local non-profits. Included in the new store opening will be 6 weekends of visits from various celebrities to the stores for meet and greet opportunities. Hiring for this new facility is anticipated at 300 people and should begin in 45-60 days.

They are eager to be a part of the community and will be very active participants in our many events.

We look forward to their arrival!