Where is the Royse City Chamber Office located?

141 W Main Street Royse City, TX 75189

Where can I get a map of Royse City?

You can find a map of Royse City at the Chamber office or at City Hall, located at 305 North Arch Street.

Where can I get a Royse City phone book?

Please contact AT&T to request a telephone book be mailed to you at 866-329-7118.

What is the population of Royse City?

At the last census we had a population of 13,508 in the City limits. Please click here for the most recent census update.

What is the sales tax in Royse City?

The sales tax in Royse City is 8.25%.

I need to find a business that does...

If you are having difficulty finding a particular business, feel free to search our online membership directory. If you still need help, please call us at 972-636-5000.

How far is Royse City from Dallas? To the airport?

Royse City is located 30 miles East of Dallas, with DFW international airport a short 50 miles away and Dallas Love Field a distance of 40 miles.

Who do I call for new utility service?

Depending on where you live will determine who you are able to use for your utilities. View our detailed list to learn which companies are servicing your area.

When will my trash be picked up?

There are set days for different areas of Royse City. When you get set up for trash service they will let you know your designated time.

Who are my local elected officials?

Please go to the City’s website at www.roysecity.com and click on “Government”. There you will find a recent list of our elected officials.

How do I start a new business?

We would love for you to come to Royse City! Please visit the Community Development Corporation website at www.roysecitycdc.org to get all the information you need.

What is that structure by the post office that looks like an old jail?

That is our Historic Calaboose, built sometime between 1911 and 1920. Learn More.

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